Flexible support builds holiday independence

Flexible support to go on holiday has played a big factor in building UnitingCare customer Nathans independence.

Nathan, who is a DJ and stand-up comedian, recently went on a Comedy Cruise with Beyond Borders Travel, UnitingCares accessible holiday program, which specialises in supported small-group adventures for people with disability.

At home, Nathan has 24-hour support so he decided to bring Alex from his own support team on the cruise so he would have a familiar face.

Beyond Borders Travel typically provides a 1:4 support ratio but one-on-one support is available upon request, such as when someone is nervous about travelling for the first time. While we offer flexible support options, our goal is for all participants to feel comfortable travelling in a group without their own support, and we can put a plan in place to work towards this.

On the cruise, Nathan fit in immediately and made some great friends. He grew quite fond of another Alex, who was volunteering on the trip. With both Alexes by his side, as well as the rest of the group, Nathan especially enjoyed the comedy gala on the ship, even bantering with comedian Colin Lane during the show.

On his return, Nathan said he would be comfortable with the standard 1:4 support ratio on his next holiday with Beyond Borders Travel – a big step towards becoming more independent.

Find out more about our Beyond Borders Travel accessible holiday program.